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Who we are

Project Management

With the unique knowledge gained by managing projects in North America, Middle East, Africa and Europe, our Project Management team offers an unbeatable combination of experience and value.

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Process Design

Our lead engineers began their work in manufacturing and have spent a significant part of their careers on your side of the table, so they understand your needs. They take a flexible approach to the design process, fitting in with your requirements to deliver appropriate and effective solutions. Our engineering team is structured to be cost effective while completing work in a timely manner.

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Our design philosophy revolves around compact, economic, and low maintenance systems. Our MB equipment is an innovative approach to automated minor ingredient handling for both batch and continuous process systems, which offers the functionality of multiple automated hoppers in one compact unit.

Our powder flow meter, known as both the Anubometer and Arbometer, can accurately measure mass flow, volumetric flow and real-time density.

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Additive Manufacturing 3D Printing

Anubis Manufacturing Consultants launched Anubis 3D, the new Additive Manufacturing "3D Printing"division for functional prototypes and short production runs. Our expertise in product development and prototyping has positioned us for leadership in this rapidly emerging field. With an 11,000 square foot facility located in Mississauga, close to all major highways, we are able to offer our customers quick delivery of their project designs.

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